Two Pedants is about two pedants saving the world one correction at a time.

About the author

Sean Molloy is the writer and 'artist' of Two Pedants. Hopeless, his first film, co-written with Steve Hickey, was released in 2000. Lovebites, its spin-off television series, aired on TV3 in 2002. Since then Sean has worked on a variety of projects as a writer and script editor.

Sean says the inspiration for Two Pedants came from conversations with, and corrections by, two pedantically inclined people very close to him. Sean pitched them the idea of a comic strip about two pedants who would correct anything that anyone ever said to them. “The real two pedants then starting correcting my ideas for the comic strip. That’s when I knew I had something.”

Like many writers, Sean works as a public servant by day. He lives with his wife (poet Helen Rickerby) in a loved but rickety old house, looking forward to finally feeling responsible enough to get a cat.

What people say about Two Pedants

Reviewer David Larsen says: "Do not be fooled by the aggressively lo-fi look of Kiwi author Sean Molloy's strip cartoons: they're smart, sophisticated, and very funny."

Reviewer Matthew Codd says: “hilariously humourless protagonists, plenty of jokes about grammar … Two Pedants is all about shining a light on just how ridiculous pedantry is … it’s a comic written for a particular kind of person – and if you’re that person, the title alone will have caught your interest. But even if it hasn’t, this is a book that’s worth a look, because you just may find something special in Sean Molloy’s quirky sense of humour.”

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